Who We Are

At Piron2, we are more than models. We are artists. To us, modeling is a portal to discovery – a brush with what could be – a canvas for creative expression where we can work in tandem with brands to bring their visions to life. And we do this by simply being our authentic selves.

We recognize the modeling industry is changing as more and more clients hire talent not only based on their looks, but on their personal brands. As artists, we’ve spent years building each of our individual brands and are excited to use them to strengthen yours.

Here at Piron2, we embody a range of talent – all with distinctive characteristics that celebrate the female form. We are creative and excited, confident and cool, free and adventurous, sweet and tough, tomboys and romantics. Get to know us by browsing through our portfolios. We’re excited to meet you!

On Talent

Get to know us before you book us! We don’t like surprises and neither should you. Everything you need to know about us is on our talent pages. You will find our personality videos, portfolios, biographies and social media accounts. You can see exactly who we are, how we work and what differentiates us from other talent.

On Age

Age is irrelevant, it’s the 21st century! We recognize that working in the fashion industry can put enormous stress on a child, which is why our minimum required age is 18.

On Gender

We are a woman-based agency, celebrating femininity and beauty in all – regardless of shape, size and sexual orientation.

Become a Model

We strive to recruit a diverse pool of talent and provide them with long-term connections in the industry. Your participation in Piron2 is strictly non-exclusive and you are free to sign with as many outlets as you wish. We will never obligate you to an exclusive contract. We also don’t play favorites. Everyone is equal and we will do our best to ensure that each of our talent gets a chance to be highlighted for maximum exposure. We consider all women – regardless of their shape, size and sexual orientation – to become a part of Piron2. Submit here.

Work with Us

With the explosion of social media, it’s relatively easy to find beautiful models. But it can be difficult to find the right ones who have the personality and unique character to embody your brand. At Piron2, we hand-select extraordinary talent who are not only beautiful but who also shine with character to make any campaign memorable. Contact here.

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