Stella Wunder





Bust — Cup

32” — C

Waist — Hips

25” — 30″

Shoes — Dress

5 — 0

Hair — Eyes

Brown (red highlights) — Brown

About me

An artist living in NYC who is ready to run away and join the circus at any time. A quintessential Sagittarius. Definitely the eccentric and quirky one of the group, but I wholeheartedly embrace that title. Unable to lock down any one specific aesthetic, so I embody them all. 

My skills/achievements

I am an actor, dancer, and singer, who loves modeling and fashion. I’m an amateur makeup artist who loves doing my own makeup to express myself. Currently studying at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Hobbies include playing electric bass and ukulele, longboarding, and photography. 

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